Nevern Place

Project Type: Complete Refurbishment Solutions

This flat involved a complete refurbishment solution. The property was previously unoccupied and our deliverables included changing the layout to make it a 2 bedroom and 2 bathrooms flat. The entire property underwent a complete electric rewiring and plumbing works.


We used a 3rd party to produce architectural drawings (several options were presented to the client). We also obtained planning permission and approval from building control due to reconfiguring the internal space of the flat.


We presented the client with offers from three different contractors, we then selected the most suitable option based on a mutually agreed price-quality analysis. On site, we conducted comprehensive onsite management of the contractor and coordinated with all the stakeholders involved in finalizing the deliverables. We ensured weekly update reports were given to the clients and created a snag list by the on-site supervisor.


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